comparisons are odious

Cf. early 14th-cent. Fr. comparaisons sont haÿneuses, comparisons are hateful.

c 1440 J. LYDGATE Minor Poems (EETS) 561 Odious of old been all comparisouns.

1456 Gilbert of Hay’s Prose MS (STS) 282 I will nocht here mak questioun..quhy [why] that alwayis comparisoun is odious.

c 1573 G. HARVEY Letter-Book (1884) 7 But thai wil sai, Comparisons ar odius: in deed, as it fals out, thai ar too odious.

1724 SWIFT Drapier’s Letters X. 82 A Judge..checked the Prisoner..taxing him with ‘reflecting on the court by such a Comparison, because Comparisons were odious’.

1939 G. MITCHELL Printer’s Error ii. ‘I will study the psychology of pigs instead of that of..refugees.’ ‘Comparisons are odious,’ observed Carey.

2001 P. J. O’ROURKE CEO of Sofa v. 82 And poets? Comparisons being odious, only a comparison will do to illustrate the odium of modern poesy.

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